The Blog Tag is an initiative started by bloggers for bloggers. We aim to encourage writing by providing writing prompts, with weekly themes to promote creative writing and build skills as bloggers.

The Blog Tag works in conjunction  with our Facebook group. Our Facebook group is the hub of The Blog Tag , a buzzing community of bloggers that support and encourage one another to write. This is where we discuss, share and communicate.

Our writing prompts are shared in the group and bloggers participate by interpreting these prompts and writing their own posts on them. They then share their writing with the rest of the group by sharing their posts on the weekly share thread.

The website, www.theblogtag.co.za works in conjunction with the Facebook group. Here is where you will find all our writing prompts. As Facebook groups can sometimes become a bit crazy, you will be able to easily access the latest content as well as past writing prompts on our website.

To find out how all of this works please read our How  It Works page to find out the rules and structure of our writing prompts by clicking here.

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