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Ever have those days where you just can’t think of anything to write for your blog? Well we have all had a case of the dreaded blinking cursor syndrome. This is where The Blog Tag comes in. With writing prompts to challenge you and get those creative writing juices flowing. We’ve got you covered with many different topics and ideas for your blog.

How it works you may ask? Well we have had a lot of changes to TBT over the last couple of months. Some great ideas and some not so great ideas but we have refined the way we do things around here to make it easier for you the blogger.

If you are an old member, welcome back, and to all our new members  we hope you enjoy our community of bloggers and writers here at  to The Blog Tag. We have a new and simpler way for you to use our writing prompts that will give you enough time to join in on all the writing fun.

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